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Netelis Newsletter Issue 05


We are pleased to announce that CashToChina (CTC) is now providing a brand new, more convenient and cost-effective service for Chinese immigrants to send money home. The service is none other than "Pay2phones".

With over 46,000 of China Post Office (CPO) / Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) outlets, "Pay2phones" offer you a hassle free remittance service to send money to your loved ones in China who hold a China Mobile Phone. You can be guaranteed it's fast and secure. No more worries.

You can choose either the cash pickup method (password withdrawal) or deposit into the PSBC bank account by submitting the recipient’s China Mobile Number instead of Chinese Name. "Pay2phones" ensure that your money is available in China instantly, on real-time basis!

"Pay2phones" is a cost-effective service for consumers to transfer money home. Just pay a fixed fee as low as RMB5 per transaction to remit any amount less than RMB49,999. Customers can remit to a China Mobile anywhere, anytime via Remittance Firm’s website or walk in over the counter. It is truly Fast, Instant and Secure.

That's "Pay2phones". Try it.

How it works?

Sender Remittance Firm Recipient’s
China Mobile
China Post Office (CPO) or
Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC)
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